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We pride ourselves in creating holistic enthusiasm in everything we do. Our social media marketing reflects our brand manifest – representing our expertise, creativity, passion, sensitivity, and just overall sense of fun. Our “marketing” is specifically brand-oriented vs. promoting a sale, etc. We have a very unique niche but also encompasses a vast range of lighting capabilities.  
Our social media platforms (specifically our Instagram and Facebook) are great portals to see us “up-close-and-personal,” which connects us with not only our clients, but our trade partners and colleagues. These platforms exhibit a strategic assortment of project installations, company capabilities, out-and-about in the community, educational/historical information, vendor shout outs, and last but not least, clever and whimsical memes/GIFs.  
We are a locally-owned, very hands-on expert lighting design firm who strive to create and sustain connections, relationships, and experiences amongst our audience. Our business is not just products and services, and we are FAR from being distant or transactional.