Though the content of this website was already robust and attractive, it needed an evolution in order to better represent the client’s current brand and caliber of work.  
The website needed an improved flow of the user experience. The outdated site featured many pages, such as a Realtor-specific page, that were no longer useful and/or no longer included accurate information.  
Secondarily, the website needed to match the client’s elevated brand. As this client now creates unique, luxury custom homes, our goal was for the website to reflect this business diversification in an attractive, user-friendly manner.  
In short, we applied a “less is more” style to the existing website. Our strategy included: 
• Improving UX/UI for a smoother user experience 
• Implementing parallaxing for an immersive scrolling experience 
• Restructuring the website gallery for greater organization and ease of use 
o Adding a videos page to the gallery for all home overviews/drone images 
• Updating photography to reflect the client’s latest work 
• Adding a new page to the website with brief overview of the client’s estate management program 
• Updating the website’s testimonials page, and 
• Simplifying the content so clients and prospective clients can quickly and easily understand how the company works. 
These efforts have resulted in a smoother user experience featuring updated information, videography, animation and moving photos. The newly evolved website is more user-friendly and ultimately more effective. Clients and prospective clients can now navigate seamlessly throughout the site without being overloaded with information.