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Over $5,000,000*

Expected to bring faster response times and service the growth and expanse of East Corkscrew Road communities, the new Estero Fire Rescue Station #45 houses fire service staff and EMS 24 hours a day.  
The primary design and mission goal of this project is to provide the community with reduced response times while ensuring the emergency workforces are well trained physically and mentally through the new elite, and efficient station and training ground. 
The main structure testifies to an understanding of its 5-acre setting in nature and is a good match for the surrounding Corkscrew Preserve. The strategy of the design focuses on an intertwining of mental and physical health separating working and living zones. This facility has integrated several cutting edge components including a public access area with treatment clinic, CPR training rooms, watch offices for reporting and studying, separately ventilated living quarters with alert systems, a top notch fitness space, a decontamination steam shower, chef’s kitchen with gas to ensure sustainability during storms, designated day room accessing the outdoors, a coffee bar, large 5 bay plus 2 back in bay garages comfortably fitting and securing all apparatuses, a jogging trail, bio-diversity garden and a sophisticated training complex. 
Station #45 provides a securely fortified environment for emergency responders from across the region to practice a range of skills in single family, multifamily, and mobile home emergencies. These structures provide realistic training opportunities and preparation for dangerous operations, including confined spaces, forcible entry, rope rescue, roof ventilation and accesses, laddering, rappelling, hose dragging and refining skills in low-visibility, hazardous filled environments. The landscape includes altered terrains; crushed rock, grass, concrete and even simulated yard debris with the structures built closer together replicating typical local neighborhoods. Within the buildings, walls can be moved to change configurations to duplicate typical SWFL home designs, changeable stair ways, inward and outward swinging and forceable entry doors, strict window sizes all refining entry skills. Crews will practice various scenarios for search and rescue skills, Denver Drills (for a mayday firefighter down, lost, trapped or unaccounted for), and drags. 
The new Estero Fire Station #45 and Training Facility defines a strong identity for the healthy, safe growth of our community. Decision makers have recognized the need and opportunity to outfit the station with training facilities, and how this facility fosters collaboration among neighboring departments and support recruitment of interested, young candidates. The best emergency response teams train rigorously and continually, it’s integral to the health and safety of these first responders and our SWFL communities.