Best Social Media MarketingMARKETING

As the company continued to grow, we decided to expand the team by hiring an in-house marketing manager to oversee all marketing efforts. Previously handled by an ad agency, the marketing manager was tasked with taking control of our social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. The goal of taking social media in-house was to increase postings, share content in a timely fashion and increase engagement and followers. If visiting our social media accounts, you would have a clear understanding of current projects, our team and company news.  
The average person spends over two hours a day on social media; we recognized it as a key business focus! Not only did we share more to our social media platforms, the content itself resonated to our targeted audience, which in turn, increased our reach and overall engagement. Our strategy was simple: We wanted to move away from the stale, static and branded graphics. And instead express our brand personality through organic photography and videos which included live updates in our stories or a reel on Instagram. Through these live updates and behind the scenes moments, we were able to connect with our clients, construction partners, and employees on a new level. Clients engaged with us more when we showcased their project or shared spotlights of team members they worked with. By sharing team member spotlights, we were able to boost morale as well as build a positive company culture for future recruits to see. We supported our sub-contractors, builders, and architects by tagging them on projects we were collaborating on. With increased exposure through some of our highest performing Instagram reels, we have also seen an increase in leads from social media. 
• Ask a designer reel reached 3,135 accounts with 85 likes 
• Remodel Reel reached 2,194 accounts with 47 likes 
• Showroom grand opening reel reached 1,092 accounts with 85 likes 
• Increased overall accounts reached and engagement on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn 
• Increased followers on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn