Best BrochureMARKETING

Most searches related to buying decisions begin on the internet, primarily through Google. And justifiably so since it allows nearly immediate comparisons among competing products and services. But digital has not killed the influence and impact of “old school” printed pieces such as brochures. In fact, digital communications have only pushed print to survive and thrive despite the lethal threat posed every day by computer servers around the world. This was the motivation behind the creative for this piece. 
Our client EDGE is a custom interiors firm with an affluent clientele desiring to expand brand awareness, primarily among luxury home and condominium owners. The demographic targeted to receive this brochure is savvy and discerning. The brand’s aesthetic is minimalist, modern and cutting-edge. 
Ultimately, we decided the brochure should be unique in shape (square, rather than standard) and larger than the previous direct mail pieces we wrote and designed—in this case 6.75” by 6.75”. We wanted it to express the brand’s inclination to clean lines and surfaces with sufficient negative space and impressively expansive imagery on every page. 
In keeping with the essence of the brand, the paper we chose has a soft-touch coating, not unlike polished hardwood, marble or other exquisite surface material in a home enhanced by our clients. Dramatic die-cuts on the cover permit breathtaking photography inside to peek through. The first inside fold precisely allows a seamless two-page spread across the facing panel to remain even when that panel is turned. Even without a copy narrative, those die-cuts and laser-sharp folds say “bespoke craftsmanship and artistry.” 
We wanted this piece to impress its audience. So it had to impress us first. The size. The shape. The photography. The copy. The paper. The binding. The precision and finesse of how the brochure is cut, folded, bound and finished meet the same impossibly high standards as our clients’ services and products.