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Private Residence

Residence Naples Reserve 
With the need to be functional and beautiful, we had the opportunity to begin with a blank canvas. It is especially rewarding to start with a “white box” and create breathtaking backgrounds and architectural interest. 
Great Room- The soaring ceiling becomes the focal point upon entering. This once simple tray ceiling has now been transformed into a sophisticated backdrop with coastal appeal. Criss cross wooden beams create our center, anchoring the stylized wheel chandelier. Further dividing up the space, narrower intersecting beams creating a ceiling reminiscent of a grand ship. Driftwood shiplap ties in the ceruse oak flooring. Although the ceiling is flat, the Criss cross pattern and intersecting beams give the illusion the ceiling is vaulted, adding height and drama.  
Carefully selected furnishings are perfectly balanced throughout the room. The slubby linen sectional is tossed with watery blues pillows, complimenting the rug. Case goods of wood, glass, black and gold metals enhance. The expansive great room wall has been reimagined, transforming it into a feature. Drywall bump outs house floating shelves meticulously accessorized. Cement and lacquer console is set against shimmering Mica wallcovering.  
Kitchen & Dining- Clean-lined cabinetry punctuated with gold & black accents. The unusual black stainless hood harmonizes with two-toned orb pendants. Barstools continue the flow of natural elements. The deep blue glossy dining table is hugged by curved dining chairs, tucking neatly underneath. Chunky custom floating buffet fits perfectly in this small room. Blue artwork adds a pop and brings the coastal feel to the nook. The Challenge-make this area comfortable enough for everyday dining, elegant enough for guests while incorporate a buffet into the narrow space. 
Den- Both streamline and efficient, this custom two-tone built-in conceals files, printer, and supplies, allowing for a display and book area, while meeting our client’s needs. A floating desk sits on a hide rug, adding a rustic appeal to the gold and ebony piece.  
Master Bedroom- Serene and relaxing with a touch of glamour. The watery blue circular patterned area rug- the launching point for the design is well-appointed with spa blue and seafoam bedding. Sequined linen drapes and cornices add unexpected sparkle. To visually expand the headboard wall and take advantage of the ceiling height, applied molding was carefully laid out to work in harmony with the windows. Two-toned case pieces compliment the ceruse oak flooring adding contrast. Jewel-like ring hardware echoes the circular rug pattern, the modern Lucite and brass lamps are divine!  
Master Bath- Flowing seamlessly from the bedroom. This master bath showcases a sculptural soaking tub and generously proportioned shower. Geometric marble inlay cascades down the shower wall. An abundance of storage is provided with dove grey vanities and linen cabinet. Glass fronted top provides contrast filled with luxurious white towels & accessories. Jewel-like details adorn- from sleek cabinet hardware to the bracelet-like chandelier. Carefully chosen accessories enhance without cluttering. Blown glass plates accent the tub wall, adding color and dimension. A fossilized shell and gold tree stump the perfect landing spotchampagne!