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Under $25,000

Residence at Naples Reserve 
Specialty Feature 
Upon entering the home, you are captivated by our special feature, the ceiling. What was once a simple tray ceiling on the floor plan, has now been transformed providing a sophisticated backdrop with coastal appeal. Criss cross white wooden beams were built to create our center. We then further divided up the space with narrower intersecting beams to create a ceiling reminiscent of a grand ship. Driftwood hued shiplap provides contrast and ties in the ceruse oak flooring. The center square anchors the stylized, black and gold wheel chandelier. Speakers have been faux painted to camouflage.  
Although the ceiling is flat, the Criss cross pattern and intersecting beams give the illusion the ceiling is vaulted, adding height and drama.  
It is especially rewarding to start with a “white box” and create a breathtaking focal point that one cannot help but to gaze up at when entering this home.