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Interior Designer
$300,001 - $500,000

From a construction standpoint, this modern masterpiece looks like no other home in Miromar Lakes. This 10,112 square foot private residence in concrete from foundation to roof presented myriad complex challenges. How does one “design down” from the cold, concrete ceilings and 26’ high windows? How do you allow for lighting if you can’t drill into the structure? How can you provide sound barriers that reduce undesirable echo if the ultra-contemporary look requires limited upholstery like drapery and rugs? How do you create interest that draws the eye up yet balances the space?

The design challenges were creatively overcome by thinking outside the proverbial concrete “box”. All the ceiling details throughout are dropped and were strategically devised to accommodate electrical, specialty lighting and acoustical panels. Aluminum strips wrapped in faux bois that mimic modern wood beams span the entire depth of the house from front to back in the entry, family room and dining room. The ceilings above are painted black and recessed cans in a dark finish mounted on the beams are intended to disappear. All lighting selected for the home provides proper directional light so as not to distract from the client’s priceless art collection.

Our modern minded client wanted to keep the lines as clean as possible which meant limiting drapery and area rugs, items typically used to combat echo. Given the soaring ceilings, the twofold solution included selecting interesting geometric acoustic panels to float from the aluminum strips, thus reducing noise in the heavily trafficked main living areas while drawing the eye upward. In the dining room, the designer employed octagonal panels inspired by the shape of original artwork entitled “Sin Hat” for a cohesive slow.

Impossible to miss in this home of one of a kind works of art is the equally artistic grand, free floating, poured concrete spiral staircase, designed with a curved glass railing system that does not compromise the views. For the icing on the cake, the designer created an impressive circular, back lit dropped ceiling detail that showcases a stunning 15’ chandelier of triangular glass diffusers suspended from dozens of cords.