Although the original website was award-winning, it was created seven years ago and needed an update. The new design completely overhauled the old and is more reflective of the upscale, fashion-forward nature of the brand it represents. It flows seamlessly and features incredible images and creative visual design. The homepage now showcases more multimedia while still providing all the most pertinent information. Even if a visitor were to only visit the homepage, they would see information about the brand, images from its portfolio, company news, and contact information. It even includes a new interactive “Find Your Style” feature, which allows users to pinpoint their interior design style based on their response to a series of images. The website also has a new search tool to give users the ability to look for specific items, projects, news, etc. Another significant upgrade is the addition of a Shopping page, from which site visitors can see and inquire about a large selection of furniture, art, and boutique items carried in the showroom. Ultimately, the website was designed to be beautiful, informative, and a means of bringing more people into the showroom, and it has been successful in achieving all three goals.