Interior Designer
$3,000,001 - $4,000,000

The homeowners of this residence wanted a design style that featured a transitional aesthetic, with a contemporary feel (to coordinate with the remodel of the main residence, that the Designer was also doing). Many changes were necessary to update the dated outdoor living area- the pool was situated very far from the outdoor living area, the space could only accommodate lounge seating and the outdoor kitchen, and there was nothing special about the space.  
Starting by interviewing the clients about their lifestyle, and entertainment requirements, the Designers began with creating “zones” for the Pool, Spa, pool deck seating, and a Pergola (proposed by the Designer, to create a dramatic focal point). The clients loved the idea so much that they asked the Designer to design a Pool House instead! 
The original pool was not situated near the outdoor living area and was very gracious (not at all the aesthetic that the clients wanted). The designer suggested relocating the pool, closer to the Lanai- which would also create a stunning focal point when entering the home, from the interior Entry and Living Room. When entering the home, the designer envisioned a water view- first, a water-sculpture- feature, across to the new pool, and then to the lake!  
Designing the pool on paper, then CAD, and finally walking the lot with the clients provided the ideal layout and dimensions for the Pool, Spa and Pool House. Placing the Spa adjacent to the Master Bedroom, creates an inviting location. Steppingstone Pavers connect the Spa and Pool, and add interest as well as a fun pathway to the Pool House (that the Grandchildren especially enjoy). 
Lunada Bay Amalfi Pearl 1 x 3” glass mosaic waterline tile in a pearlescent finish, adds color and a luminescent quality to the water. Cladding the Pool, and Spa, the aquamarine color is enhanced by the water. 
Large format 24 x 48” Italian porcelain pavers by Marvel Stone, in Clauzetto White are installed in a stacked pattern, and update the Lanai by making it feel more modern. The paver format is changed at the Pool House, to feature Astro turf that defines the pathway. 
The redesigned Pool plan created a more functional layout that was comfortable for the two homeowners, as well as for when they will be entertaining large groups (the homeowner is in the entertainment business, and they frequently host special guests). What’s better than a pool with a lake view! 
This outdoor living area provides the perfect space for entertaining, and for the homeowners to enjoy their “Forever Home”!