A website is often the very first thing a potential new client sees when 
researching a company. So, we wanted our new Calusa Bay Interior Design site to 
convey who we are as a brand, how we approach the interior design process, and 
the engaging and approachable nature of our team. We also wanted to 
incorporate what our clients say about us, and of course, the portfolio of our 
nearly 10 years of compelling luxury home design work. The home page is a feast 
for the eyes and accomplishes several of these goals by presenting a wide variety 
of project spaces in a vertical collage-type of stream, allowing the visitor to scroll 
down through myriad rooms interwoven with brand statements and testimonial 
snippets. At the very bottom of this visual journey, one is treated to a digital, 
page-turning software that features our latest 32-page marketing brochure which 
can be viewed full screen, shared with others, and even has the soothing sound 
effect of actual printed pages turning. It also has its own tab, ‘Brochure.’ Next, we 
navigate the visitor to our ‘About’ page, which features our growing team 
photographed in the heart of the home, the kitchen, of one of our cherished 
projects, as well as multiple images of staff members at work in our design studio. 
We feel this effectively speaks to one of our main goals in attracting new 
business: the human connection. People do business with people, and this new 
website really gives a sense of who we are. The ‘Our Work’ tab is a very 
thoughtfully art directed grid of dozens of our latest design projects, with each 
cover image purposely chosen to curate a more interesting display of inspiring 
design concepts by showcasing different rooms for each. Many times, that grid is 
redundant visually, and we wanted it to feel like a luxury magazine spread. The 
‘Press’ section highlights all our awards and published projects, and features an 
automated, linear collage of beautiful images as a footer. Lastly, our ‘Get In 
Touch’ page makes it easy to contact us via phone, email, or direct message.