Best BrochureMARKETING

To create a new Calusa Bay Interior Design marketing brochure, we had the 
daunting yet reflective challenge of editing down 6,745 photos of recent projects 
to a mere 28. How did that handful of shots make the cut when thousands of 
others existed each showing a collection of design details all their own? One word 
came to mind throughout the process: balance. Each image needed to be 
balanced in its own right, regarding composition, lighting, and design layers, and 
all 28 needed to show consistency in achieving perfectly balanced spaces for 
which the firm is known to create. We needed our brochure images to show that 
we understand whole home design and remodeling on both a macro and micro 
level, can execute a clear vision from design boards to installation, and always pay 
thoughtful attention to every detail in each project. The selected photos also each 
needed to evoke an emotion, whether it was calm and comforting, exciting and 
dynamic, or elegant and luxurious, each one needed to be compelling, and we 
achieved all of these goals with this grouping of 28. Next decision was which one 
makes the cover? A great cover should invite you in, welcome you, and make you 
intrigued to see more. It should set a mood. It should have enough detail that you 
never get bored looking at it, and each time you return, you appreciate another 
detail. And it needs to bring you somewhere, so with this cover image, we again 
accomplished everything we set out to do. The layout of this 32-page booklet has 
a variety of image sizes, from tight detail shots and collages, to spanning 2-page 
spreads, interwoven with brand ID statements and testimonials. The paper quality 
is soft to the touch and incorporates a clever mixed use of finishes, a glossy paper 
used to lock in the rich colors of the professional photography followed by a 
matte aqueous coating to seal the color but give a more modern sueded finish. 
And notably, the 8.5” X 8.5” square format is unique as well and works beautifully 
to leave behind or display.