$9,000,001 - $11,000,000

Custom fabricated flooring from slabs of Blue De Savoie Marble. At project commencement, when the world was soon to be shutting down, marble boulders were procured directly from Italy where there were cut into slabs. Then the marble slabs were shipped to Boston to receive a leathered finish. While in Boston, the design team inventoried and photographed each slab to create an optimal layout and pattern. Slabs were also specifically selected for the creation of a stunning continuous waterfall effect on the stairs between the pool deck and the residence. The marble slabs were then transported to Naples, cut to the specific sizes and then installed onsite. Fabrication and install were a closely coordinated effort, so that materials were fabricated and then brought directly to site and installed. This ensured the material did not require unnecessary additional handling. The final element installed was the Blue De Savoie Marble waterfalled stairs which truly illustrates the beauty of this custom stone flooring.