$11,000,001 - $16,000,000

This home’s primary suite gets extra attention thanks to the special laser-cut tile inlay in her bathroom (the home’s primary suite has his-and-hers bathrooms). Her bathroom deserves special mention because it features a gorgeous laser-cut tile inlay that took many hours of planning and preparation so that it could be inlayed properly and to get all of the levels perfect. The couple had seen a similar tile and pattern in a luxury hotel during a once-in-a-lifetime trip and vowed to one day have it in their own home. We recessed everything down into the slab, so that we could float everything and level it. The result is a stunning display of craftsmanship featuring multiple Bianca marble tiles from the Taiping Majesty Collection precision cut in a flower pattern with a Thassos white marble perimeter in 12-inch by 24-inch pieces with a bright white grout. The small diamond-shaped gold pieces are real gold.