$5,000,001 - $7,000,000

For people looking to escape the cold and snow, the pool is often the most important part of a new Naples home. Not only must it stand up to the kids/grandkids stress test, but it also helps when it dazzles in the “impressing the neighbors” category. This gorgeous negative edge pool began with us building 
retaining walls around the entire site, per the owner’s request, so that we were able to level the entire site. They also wanted the pool to have a perfect spillover on the two sides away from the house. But they didn’t want the noise or electric bills that come with multiple pumps, so we lasered everything and floated multiple times to perfection and found a pump that was able to create the spillover at a low RPM. Another unique element to this pool is that the home’s structural columns actually run along the sides of the house and down into the pool, meaning we had to excavate 8 feet below the pool floor and coordinate with the concrete and pool subcontractors. Those columns are covered in more rectified porcelain tiles, as is the pool deck itself. In fact, you might noticed that the same rectified tile goes below the waterline, in order to fit the design aesthetic envisioned by the homeowners and their Miami-based architect. The pool also features a sunbathing “island” surrounded by a trough that includes the pool’s negative edge. In the front of the home, we have another pool with a negative edge which has a solid concrete three-step walkway wrapped in porcelain tile that cantilevers over a lit and filtered “pond” under a louvered architectural detail, which itself is made of concrete. The zero-edge front “pond,” which features a specialty palm brought in from Homestead, Fla., also took a great deal of coordination between the concrete subcontractor and the pool subcontractor. Both pools are beautiful features to this very modern home.