Best Newspaper AdMARKETING

Omega Bonita Bay is one of the finest luxury high-rises to make its debut in Southwest Florida. With unsurpassed amenities such as day cabanas, theater, fitness center with massage, steam room, locker rooms and poolside day beds, residents of this community are sure to experience a level of luxury in Southwest Florida like none other. 
This 3-part print ad campaign perfectly showcased the stunning views that Omega Bonita Bay offers. As the last high-rise in Bonita Bay, the Ronto Group truly “saved the best for last.” With a mix of views photography and renderings, the copy paints a picture of the “final act” in Bonita Bay. References to “a standing ovation” regarding “final act,” ensured that readers remained interested in the last opportunity to buy at Omega Bonita Bay. This ad was seen in local newspapers such as Florida Weekly and the Naples Daily News and helped gain buyer interest. Since its launch, Omega has processed 64 sales worth a total of $257,700,000 and the building is 96% sold.