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Home. Making it a home is what I was hired to do with this specific project. This client had built her home, and she had purchased many furnishings prior to me. The interior looked barren and unfinished, cold and without heart. It had a good base of neutral furnishings, but was lacking in details. The client contracted me to first help out with the built in, whom she had selected a carpenter for. So this was the beginning of the job, which started the direction; it entailed me to meet with carpenter and come up with functional design for a built in, incorporating a furniture piece, adding lighting and making it a special feature to the living room. Its details such as wallpaper (on face of media console), special paint color, and wood siding, made a real statement to the living area. We grounded the room with a wonderful azure wool rug, and our theme became a coastal/tropical oasis. We warmed up the entry with a gorgeous vine wallpaper from Romo that was eye catching and segued with the den which sits right off of the entry. We also added wallpaper texture in the den ceiling and worked with her art ( a tiger painting and firefly oils) to add a flair of “safari” to the room, adding wooden square panels for interest and a bamboo tree in the corner. The bedroom off the entry was made in into a wonderful suite, with large art work above the dresser and pretty channel quilting bedding. For this room we worked with a rug person to cut down and repurpose a beautiful area rug which would not work in the living room as it was too busy with her other furnishings she had picked.
The kitchen was brought to life by adding some wonderful glass and wood pendants, and I talked her into keeping the backsplash that her daughter did not like as I said we’d make it look nice with the interior and it added warmth. We added key feature pieces: the round teakwood coffee table, a stately buffet in dining area, and fun accessories, such as the driftwood piece in the built in, glass lamp in living room and fabulous florals and trees which brought it all to life. The exterior needed some help, she extended it to make extra space, and the lanai furniture I helped her select from local showrooms. This was a work of love, not large budget, to bring it all together making her existing furniture purchases work. I brought the whole look together to make it a livable, exciting , yet simple and charming home which is a perfect Florida abode with its clean lines and spaciousness. It has a lot of character with a pleasing palette begun with her art . Her daughter lived here for a while, and now her granddaughter does. This home is appealing to many of different generations, and she happily hosts dinner parties for friends weekly!